Our Beer

We only brew small batches. Our beer is only available at our brewery.

Our beers are better suited to the more sophisticated, evolved pallette.

Available at our brewery, on tap & in growlers.

Taproom open Mon-Fri 10:00-17:00.

We get around because we need to multimultitask, so please phone first to make sure we are actually at he brewery. Karl - 083 273 7505 or Jane - 083 954 0824


Bad Attitude

American IPA

Chewy Caramel. A ton of hop aroma and flavour.

6.5% ABV


Blood, Sweat & Tears

Black Belgian Saison

Brewed with raisins ans sherry. Almost every flavour imaginable.

6.5% ABV


Settle the Dust

Belgian Pale Ale

A little more hops that provide a slightly fruity note.

5% ABV


Rebel Yell

Amber Ale

5% ABV

A Classic.


Our Brewery, Tours & Tasting

We enjoy our beer so much, we sell what we don't drink

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Our Brewery

Don't expect a restaurant or a menu. We are a brewery, We make beer not vegan wraps, burgers or chips. We do make a few beer related products from time to time.

Designed, fabricated and built 100% in house, we have a humble, hard working, honest, production brewery that we feel reflects our friendly, unpretentious personality and character.

Others seem to agree, read about us on tripadvisor

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Beer on Tap at Home

Having authentic indie beer on tap at home is the ultimate man cave status symbol. Showing off to your mates by having beer on tap that nobody else does is the best way to express your individuality.

If there's something in particular that you like or a flavour you are interested in, We'll brew it for you.No problem.

We can hook you up by installing everything you need. Karl - 083 273 7505 or Jane - 083 954 0824 or beerathome@docksidebrewery.co.za

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Mobile Bar Hire

If you have a special occasion, party or event that you would like to put your signature on, we can help. Our mobile bars can serve up to 4 taps with beer, cider, gin, cocktails, whatever you desire.

We have a wide variety of drinks for you to select but we will make any beer, cider, cocktail or alcohol free drink on request.

Planning ahead of time always eliminates stress. Karl - 083 273 7505 or Jane - 083 954 0824 or mobilebar@docksidebrewery.co.za

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We will let you know when we release a new beer or a special beer. Every month, 3 mailing list subscribers win free beer delivered to their door and 6 mailing list subscribers win free beer at our taproom! We won't send you long winded stories about the latest hops and malt and other boring crap.